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Find Harry Potter Characters
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Harry Potter Character Search

find_hp_players is a community for character searches. You can come here to search for a game to play in or for specific characters for a game your are in. No general game ads will be allowed.

Posting Examples:

BAD: Hi, I'm Sue, and you should all join (insert game here) because it's great.

GOOD: Hi, I'm Sue, and I play (insert character here) at (insert game here) and they really need some friends. I'm looking for (insert wanted character here.) If you're interested in playing them, please come on over!

OR: Hi, I'm Sue, and I play (insert character here) at (insert game here) and have (insert storyline) that I would like filled. If you're interested, please feel free to contact me for information.

Posting will not be moderated at this time, but general game ads will be deleted and posters will be banned. Due to excessive inability to read the rules, all posts are now moderated.


01. NO GENERAL GAME ADS ARE ALLOWED! There are enough communities dedicated to this. You MUST be an individual looking for SPECIFIC CHARACTERS or an individual looking FOR A GAME to play in. If we see them posted, they will be deleted and violators will be banned.

02. HARRY POTTER ONLY. There are many other communities on livejournal dedicated to other fandoms and this one is specifically to get Harry Potter characters together.

03. Do not post everyday. Try to limit it to once a week or until your ad has left the page (you can delete old posts if it’s been more than a week).

04. PLAY NICE. This means no trolling, no public wank, no spamming, etc. If we see this, we will give you one warning and then you will be banned.

05. No game images in posts or comments. If we see them, you will be banned.

06. When you're pimping to a player searching for a game, make some effort to sell the game instead of just linking as a general courtesy to the people seeking games.

07. Use the tagging system. For information on how to use it, please see this post

08. Please sign our rules post.

09. Have fun!

Recommended Games:


To become an Affiliate, please comment here.




The moderators would like to thank the mods of find_a_player at insanejournal for the idea to have a community dedicated to Harry Potter Character Searches.

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