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Marlene McKinnon

I've got Marlene McKinnon here who is so over Severus players being inactive on her and having to be dropped in-game, especially since it was the original Severus player who is the reason she has so much damn back-story for someone to pick-up for him. Before reading further, here are the most important things she'd like to see from a Severus: not evil, but not good either, morally ambiguous is the game, accepts that non grown male is going to love the same woman who hates him for the rest of his life because it's pathetic, and is willing to be flexible with back-story and be active. If that's you, then keep on reading.

I'm not going to get into the novel of their backstory, if you're genuinely interested in picking him up I can unlock Marlene's sheet and you can have at the full backstory, but the gist of it can all be found in detail in this post.

The game is Crescendo, an AU MWPP era game set in 1981 (and soon, 1982), where Lily and James are still alive, Remus is the secret keeper instead of Peter, the Longbottoms are still same, and everyone and their mom is plotting on how to kill Voldemort. We anticipate being ready for the final showdown soon, so it's time to get in now before we stop taking applications. We could also use a Lily, James, Xenonpiulus, & Kingsley to make things even more epic. If you're interested or have any questions, myself, or one of our players would be more than happy to answer them for you. Happy playing and we hope to see you come on over!
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